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Chester County Prison
501 South Wawaset Road
West Chester,
Pennsylvania 19382-6776
D. Edward McFadden, Warden

Prison Phone Number:   610-793-1510
Correctional Center Phone Number: 610-793-9993
Prison Administration
     Walter K. Reed,
     Deputy Warden of Security
     Ronald M. Phillips
     Deputy Warden of Treatment
     Major D. Scott Graham
     Director of Security Operations
     Jack Healy
     Director of Inmate Services
About the Prison
New Inmate Locator is now available for confirming active Chester County inmates.
The Inmate Locator  contains information about each inmate currently under the jurisdiction of the Chester County Prison. The Inmate Locator is a useful tool for confirming information about inmates currently housed in the facility: the inmate's ID Number, case number and what they are being held for. ( H - Hearing, C - Court, S - Sentence).  The Inmate Locator does not contain information on inmates not currently residing in the Chester County Prison.
Visitation Alert
In the event of inclement weather Inmate Visitation can be canceled with little or no notice. Therefore, it is recommended you call the Prison prior to coming for a visit when weather conditions have caused other public service cancelations.
Unfortunately, there maybe times when due to health concerns of a “pandemic nature” we will be forced to alter and or cancel our inmate visitation schedule.  More Information...
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